Mission and Values


Project C.U.R.E. identifies, solicits, collects, sorts and distributes medical supplies and services according to the imperative needs of the world.


Core Values

Credibility and Integrity ~ We will be honest. We won't make promises we can't keep, and we will keep the promises that we've made.

Partnership ~ We seek to assist other individuals and organizations that share our common vision.

Creativity and Ingenuity ~ We will endeavor to pioneer new ways of meeting the needs of others, being stewards of our resources and solving problems—from the small inconveniences to the major obstacles.

Stewardship ~ Despite the fact that most of our assets are donations, we will remember the source and value of these and treat each as a gift.

Excellence in Service ~ We will do our best work in meeting the needs of one another, our donors, our partners, and the sick and dying around the world.

Information and Competence ~ We will become experts in our area of service. We will gain an increasing body of knowledge and expertise to be used, together with these other objectives, to see our vision become reality.

Attitude ~ We will respect and honor others in the way that we treat them. We will strive to remain pleasant, positive and optimistic in all circumstances.

Our Team

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Careers & Internships

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