The medical supplies and medical equipment Project C.U.R.E. delivers to severely resource-limited communities save lives, make diagnosis and treatment possible, protect health workers and ensure better outcomes for surgery and emergency care. ProC.U.R.E. is Project C.U.R.E.’s linchpin program, through which we receive medical supplies and equipment from U.S. hospitals, medical manufacturers, wholesale distributors and individual donors. We operate large distribution facilities across the United States where we receive, process and ship these generous in-kind donations to hospitals, clinics and community health centers in need around the world. Because of our large international distribution network, almost every type of medical item can be accepted, and all donations are receipted for tax purposes.  For a general list of acceptable items, please click here.  

There are some items that are not accepted or cannot be used by our partners around the world. Because of that, we are unable to accept the following items:

  • Personal Prescriptions/Medications
  • Chemicals or Hazardous Materials
  • Unusable Consumable Products/Supplies
  • Equipment no Longer Supported by the Manufacturer (peripherals and parts no longer available)
  • Expired Fluids (less than 18 months before expiration)
  • Non-Vinyl Mattresses
  • Hemodialysis Supplies
  • Shower Chairs
  • Toilet Seat Risers/Grab Bars

Project C.U.R.E. will accept expired gloves, tubing and syringes if they are in the original packaging and are not compromised. 

For more information or to donate gently used medical equipment, please contact us at or fill out our webform using the button below:  

Give medical supplies

**Please note: Our Distribution Centers only accept equipment/supply donations during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. 


Medical surplus meeting a world of need.


Give Medical Supplies

Priority Equipment Items

Anesthesia Machines
C-Arm or Portable X-ray units
Infant Warmers
Infant Incubators
Birthing Beds
Operating Room Tables
Autoclaves (preferably desktop units)
Patient Monitors

Additional Equipment Needs

Hospital Beds
Vinyl Hospital Mattresses
Exam Tables
Exam Lights
Scales (adult/infant)
Defibrillators (AED)
Oxygen Concentrators
IV Pumps/Syringe Infusers
Suction Units
Medication Carts & Cabinets  
IV poles
Mayo stands
Overbed Tables
Electrosurgical Units
EKG Machine