The AmerisourceBergen Foundation

Supporting Health & Well-Being for Global Communities

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable giving organization granted a $50,000 grant to Project C.U.R.E. in 2016. The grant was used to support the transportation and collection of medical equipment donated to Project C.U.R.E. across the east coast. This generous donation was launched during the grand opening of Project C.U.R.E.’s first Mid-Atlantic Distribution Center, located in West Grove, Pennsylvania. This location is a critical step in expanding Project C.U.R.E.’s reach and impact on the east coast, with access to more than 60 regional hospitals and clinics, as well as its proximity to several seaports for international shipping.

“The AmerisourceBergen Foundation is focused on inspiring action and leadership within the healthcare industry,” said Gina Clark, President of the AmerisourceBergen Foundation and Chief Marketing Officer of AmerisourceBergen. “Project C.U.R.E.’s newest distribution center and enhanced transportation support will serve as an important link between our regional medical centers and the developing world, delivering critical medical supplies to those in need and eliminating barriers to access. We’re proud to support Project C.U.R.E. as they continue to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families around the world.”

“The AmerisourceBergen Foundation is our ideal partner,” said Project C.U.R.E. President and CEO Doug Jackson. “Its combined expertise in distribution and the global healthcare supply chain along with a commitment – that is shared by its passionate, dedicated associates – to improve healthcare access globally is what allows us to make life-changing contributions to health systems and patients all over the world.”

In July 2018, the AmerisourceBergen Foundation kindly donated another $50,000 to be used for shipping 40' containers of medical equipment and supplies to a developing country of their choice. We look forward to continuing our partnership to strengthen the healthcare systems in under-resourced communities. 

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