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Project C.U.R.E. dispatches teams of medical professionals to provide public health education, direct care, treatment and training. Clinic participants act as the hearts, hands and faces of Project C.U.R.E. Working with global partners who have received C.U.R.E. Cargo shipments, C.U.R.E. Clinics focus on improving health infrastructure by supporting partners’ existing efforts. Participants work alongside in-country professionals to provide life-sustaining medical care to those in need and make a real difference for individuals and communities in the developing world. C.U.R.E. Clinics offer a life-changing experience for both participants and patients alike.

C.U.R.E. Clinics trips generally last one to two weeks, including travel time. Program costs, which range from $750 to $2,500, are paid by participants and are tax-deductible. Accommodations, meals, travel insurance, in-country transportation, and a fun excursion are included in the price. Project C.U.R.E. accepts doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in all specialties. Participation for non-medical volunteers on clinic trips is limited.

Project C.U.R.E. Clinics will take you on a trip of a lifetime. Whether you have dreamed of venturing to Africa or traveling to South or Central  America, there is a C.U.R.E. Clinic perfect for you!

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“We connected the chasm between making a living and making a life!”
Dr. Kris Vijay, Ghana C.U.R.E. Clinics Participant